These pages contains several projects completed in school, showing a broad range of work accomplished over several years at school. My projects display a broad range of interests and project types, as well as a development of process, solutions and presentation.

Of particular interest to me is how architecture and urbanism respond to changes in culture, and what mechanisms drive these changes. Social, technological, economic and political factors are all attractors that shape and change culture. Can architecture be used as a medium to observe and predict cultural change? And can it be used to influence how urbanism changes with culture?

I am also interested by landscape and topographical manipulation, as well as unique solutions to each project produced through research, narrative, drawing, film, and physical and digital modeling.


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While in school, I developed a fascination for anthropology and desire to understand the connections between architecture, urbanism and anthropology. I have created another website dedicated to the pursuit of this knowledge and the many other things in this world that have captured my curiosity.